18 DIY Headboards That Have Rustic Design – Tutorials

Do you feel that your bedroom is missing something but you do not know what that might be? If that is the case, then maybe adding something beautiful to your bedroom might help to get this feeling away. And there is nothing better than making and having a headboard. It looks good, it makes your bed more comfortable and it is quite easy to make.

We have put together a list that has 18 different wooden headboards that have a rustic design. If you are into rustic design and you want to make something special for your bedroom, then this list is perfect for you. You will find a variety of headboards that you can make by yourself, every DIY project that you can find from this post have a full tutorial that can help you when making it. Just make sure that you follow the link that is below the picture and it will take you to the tutorial.


DIY Rustic Wooden Headboard


Tutorial: Chiconashoestringdecoratingblog

This pallet inspired headboard is the great way how to recycle old wood. Pallet furniture has a rustic look and brings an interesting look for the home. It is a super simple headboard DIY project to try if you are looking for some idea for a new headboard.


DIY Herringbone Headboard With Wood Shims

DIY Rustic Wooden Headboard



Tutorial: liveyourgoals.ca

This is a rustic DIY headboard and you can not go anymore rustic than this headboard is. If you love the rustic looks and would like to have something darker, then this DIY project is perfect for that. Check out the tutorial to learn how to make this fantastic wooden DIY rustic headboard.


DIY Woven Wood Headboard


Tutorial: Lowes

This headboard looks amazing and unique. This DIY project may look difficult but you do not really have to be a skilled woodworker to make this handsome headboard. This headboard has a minimal and modern look and it for sure look amazing!


DIY IKEA Hack Stikwood Headboard


Tutorial: Sugarandcloth

Another headboard DIY project for people who just love minimalistic decoration in their homes. This wooden headboard looks modern but also adds some rustic touch to your bedroom. This Ikea hack stick wood headboard is super simple to make and it is also an inexpensive project to make.


DIY Simple Wooden Headboard


Tutorial: Primitivestarquiltshop

This simple wooden headboard suits perfectly for you if you want to make something simple and inexpensive. Even if it has a simple look it brings a warm and cozy farmhouse atmosphere to your bedroom. Also, making this wooden headboard project it super easy and suits for everybody.


DIY Curvy Reclaimed Wood Headboard


Tutorial: Remodelaholic

This is for sure interesting headboard DIY project to make. It has a unique design and it is definitely an eye-catching rustic headboard to make. Also, it is a great DIY headboard project if you are on the budget with making a new headboard for your bedroom. You can easily make this rustic wooden headboard with reclaimed wood and you can save a bunch of money and it definitely looks good.


DIY Rustic Wooden Herringbone Headboard


Tutorial: Lowes

Herringbone style headboards add so much character to the room. It has a bit rustic but also a simple look and gives a sense of farmhouse atmosphere to your bedroom. If you like interior elements which are giving a warm and cozy natural touch to your home, then this nice rustic wooden herringbone headboard is one great DIY project to try.


Upcycled Aged Wood Headboard


Tutorial: Designsponge

If you love a bit more messy and rustic look in your home decorations, then this simple and inexpensive rustic wooden headboard DIY project is something for you to try. Using wooden details in your home decorations brings the nature closer to your home and make it cozier.


DIY Vintage Barn Door Headboard


Tutorial: Iilluna


Making a headboard from old barn door is a great idea if you are on the budget and you are looking some cheaper ideas for the headboard. This vintage barn door headboard has a nice vintage look and brings the farmhouse touch to your bedroom.


DIY Headboard Hung


Tutorial: Overthebigmoon

This headboard is a good solution if you do not want to attach it directly to the wall. It has a simple and rustic look, but also a little bit of modern touch. If you love the minimalistic interior, then why not make this simple headboard hang to your bedroom.


DIY Pallet Headboard


Tutorial: Ricedesignblog

This headboard has a nice farmhouse look and brings some touch of nature to your home. Using a natural material is a good way how to use old wood which has no use. Also, it is an inexpensive project for a headboard.


DIY Herringbone Wood Headboard


Tutorial: Ispydiy

Herringbone design has a unique and modern look. This design suits perfectly for people who love minimalism and wooden interior elements. It gives a whole new face to your bedroom and brings a piece of nature to your bedroom. Also, making this modern and chic herringbone headboard is kinda simple and perfect project where to use old wood pieces.


DIY Sign Headboard


Tutorial: Housetweaking

If you like a different wooden sign or generally wooden details in home decor, then why not make this lovely sign headboard? You can design in the just this phrase which you like and have a one nice and rustic wooden headboard in your bedroom, It definitely brings a farmhouse look to your bedroom.


DIY Herringbone Headboard With Wood Shims


Tutorial: Ehow

This herringbone headboard is a great project if you have a dull wall and you want to make your room generally look more interesting and fun. Making this awesome rustic herringbone headboard is kinda easy and does not contain a lot of expensive and a lot of materials.


DIY Woodblock Headboard


Tutorial: Flippingtheflip

This woodblock headboard has a unique look for sure. If you are looking some interesting and fun headboard project to make, then this is definitely the one to try. This block headboard will give your bedroom a interesting and fun look.


DIY Live Edge Headboard


Tutorial: Classyclutter

This live edge headboard adds the fun touch to your bedroom. This headboard project suits perfectly for people who are loving simple, minimalistic and modern interior elements. This headboard has a unique look and it definitely looks chic and fun.


DIY Distressed Headboard


Tutorial: Livesimply

This distressed headboard DIY project suits perfectly for people who are searching for more romantic and chic solutions to their homes. This romantic white headboard brings a little bit rustic and robust touch to your bedroom and if you add some cozy light in there also, it definitely looks like a romantic and warm place to be.


Sturdy Barn door Headboard


Tutorial: Shanty-2-chic

If you happen to have an old barn door then this, then here goes your next DIY project to try. These old barn doors have a unique and vintage look and this headboard will definitely look outstanding. This DIY headboard with old barn doors is a great idea if you love the rustic decoration.


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